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On Sunday we went to see Iron Man. 'Twas good. No need for me to gush over it; everybody else has been, so I can't really add much to the gushing.

What I will talk about is trailers.

We didn't get a trailer for The Incredible Hulk. Pity. It seems like a lot of other folks did.

But a few of the trailers did excite me...

There was a very Sin Cityesque trailer, all silhouettes of black on grey, with bright spot-color of solid red. My first hope of a trailer for a second Sin City film was replaced by a suspicion it was of Get Smart, and and the final reveal of The Spirit was extremely exciting. I very much like The Spirit, and am immensely curious as to what they will do with it.

We got a trailer for Dark Knight. From the trailer, Heath Ledger will do fine as The Joker, and will probably be the darkest, most psychotic, scary Joker of the live-action bunch. That's fine with me. If his overall performance matches what was in the trailer, he'll be a much better Joker than Jack Nicholson ever was. Too bad they can't bring him back in sequels.

So far, two I'd probably like to see in the theater.

Then we have a comedy about an Israeli anti-terrorist super-agent who decides to quit Mossad and move to New York to become a hairdresser. Until, of course, he is recognised and his old enemies come to hunt him down. I can't even remember the name, or the lead actor. I'll wait for video, and then never rent it.

ANd then we have The Love Guru, which doesn't seem to do much for me.

I don't know why the last two films were previewed at Iron Man

Finally, we come to the next Indiana Jones movie. I didn't catch the title, but does it matter? It could be titled Indiana Jones and the Flatulent Geriatric and we'd still go see it. I noticed a couple of things about the trailer: First, it appears that Indy is much older than he was in the first three films (reasonable, since Harrison Ford looks much older than in the first three films). Second, it appears vaguely like Indy isn't too keen on going on this mission (reasonable, as he's much older). And third, if my eyes didn't deceive me, it appeared to have Marion Ravenwood in it. That makes the film all the more interesting, as she is a character I wish they had done more with.

So... Three "want to see in the theater" movies, and two "Why did they preview this here?" movies. Not a bad haul.

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>It appeared to have Marion Ravenwood in it

Yea. Marion is back.

And no, if it looked like it deserved to be called Indiana Jones and the Flatulent Geriatric I wouldn't see it. The Jones series does not go on all cylinders. I like to pretend that the second movie didn't exist.

Given that, I am hoping this is a good ending to the "trilogy." :-)

Huzzah for Marion, the BEST Indy girl ever!

I'm very interested in seeing how Shea Lebouf holds up against Ford-as-Jones.

Apparently he had the same concerns about Temple of Dumb and told them that there would be no more Indy movies without a script that he considered good.

Look how long it took them to make the new movie. *laugh*

It could be titled Indiana Jones and the Flatulent Geriatric and we'd still go see it.

You funny.

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