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Meme from bloodsong1
When and where do we meet for your nativity festivities on the morrow?

At Samurai Restaurant, on the Commons in Ithaca. It's next door to Autumn Leaves. My recommendation is to park in the Green Street garage, as its close and free on Saturdays.

Noon is the time.

Who else is coming and will assistance be required?

So far, it's me, skitten, you, Wolf, The Cuteness, Markl, and Eva. It is possible that there will also be a Kinnerc, but it isn't confirmed yet. Kinnerc has a family emergency, and will be hours away by car to deal with it. Apparently, his father's brain hemorrhaging is more important than my birthday

I don't believe assistance will be required. If you wish to coordinate cake thingies with skitten, contact her.

How long are the festivites planned for?

No real plans, but I can't imagine the small group of us doing the lunch thing for more than a couple of hours. If the group decides to retire to someplace else and continue socializing, that's a possibility. If you want, could look into the matinee times for Iron Man.

What is the flight speed of an unladen swallow?

What do you mean? An African swallow, or a European swallow?

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We're seeing Iron Man tonight, and I'm pretty sure it's not kid-friendly. IF the weather cooperates, perhaps a park?

An European swallow, of course!

Ah, well, for European swallows, I refer you to this excellect discussion of bird flight physics which concludes that European swallows have an airspeed of approximately 24mph.

Those are some efficient little birds, aren't they?

We saw it Thursday at a special early showing. It was great.

Yes, yes, I always stay until the credits are over. Easier to get out of the theater that way.

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