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Things you don't want to hear a manager saying....
"Does everyone here have an up-to-date resume?"

It appears that one of our competitors is badmouthing us to a government agency we are getting funding from, claiming we don't actually have any developers and are outsourcing stuff. They want to attach our resumes to the next proposal to say "yes, we do have developers in house."

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This is standard policy when re-bidding a gov't contract of any type or length.

You always have your employees buff up their resumes and then submit them along with your proposal.

I've been through THAT procedure several times.

(another good point to it, is that if the other bidder wins the contract, they can make a bid to keep YOU on the contract even if your company goes away.)

More and more I see non-profit as the only way to go. Non-profits, apparently, in my experience, seem to have less of a motivation to act as moral-stunted three year olds.

Now if we can only get governments to get past that particular hurdle.

Has your company shipped anything yet? And who are the competition?

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