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Hey kinnerc
When you need to next replace your SAK, how about this one?

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I love it!

But does it come in black? :-)

What about a Leatherman tool? This is the one I have and use all the time:

Easily picked up at Lowes or Home Despot.

Interestingly enough this is a discussion I've had before.

It turns out there are two people in the world: Swiss Army Knife folks and Leatherman folks.

I'm a Swiss Army Knife person and the boys who I've gone out with (who have expressed a preference) have been Leatherman people.

Well, the Leatherman company does make knives:

I have found the leatherman tools to have more useful extra functions than the swiss army knives. Or perhaps its just that I am biased due to my brother.

Not big enough. That'd just roll around in his knife holster!

not enought tools for him. Also I think it is tallerthan he is.


I have one of these, hanging off of my purse by a matching purple carabiner. I've used it to put up curtain rods, assemble DIY furniture, re-wire my home's entire phone system (three phone lines) about five times, perform minor auto repairs, open shipping boxes, take apart and reassemble a few computers (although I admit that I had to also use a hex driver), removed a clump of chewing gum that had gotten stuck in my cat's fur...

Buddha, were you there at That Gathering a few years ago, when several of the geekier guys were comparing their Swiss Army Knives and Leatherman tools, and Karen (the one with the tiger tattoos and the Brooklyn accent) said, "Men! Always comparing the size of their tools!"... and then I displayed mine?

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