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Upcoming nativities....
In less than two weeks I'm turning 37. To celebrate, I was thinking of doing lunch or dinner with a bunch of friends at a local eatery. Right now, I'm thinking of Samurai Restaurant on the Commons in Ithaca.

All who read this are invited, wherever it may be, but please RSVP (is that redundant) as I'd like to know who to expect. I would very much like to accept the Seversons, who I don't see as often as I'd like.

Obviously, from the tone of this, things aren't cut in stone. I'm open to suggestions -- as to time, venue, etc.

Current suggestion: Samurai Restaurant (Ithaca), lunch, Saturday 3 May 2008.

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Anything for the Buddha, you know that!

If you don't mind the whole kit and kaboodle, sign the Seversons up for two adults, one Indestructo-kiddo and one Cuteness.

yay cuteness & indestructo kid :)

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