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update from queenie
Queenie is at the hospital with Markl, unable to get a network connection. She called me to get the word out.

Markl is doing OK, in the hospital. He has a swollen eye, some minor fractures around his eye, and some other miscellaneous bruising and scrapes. A concussion is likely, but not a major concern. He is going to be in the hospital for a couple of more days for observation to make sure this summary is accurate. They are doing the routine cognative tests (who are you? what day is it? where were you on the night of the 12th?) that they do to assess if there is anything to worry about and he's doing fine.

Basically, he's OK, mostly, and is extremely lucky. Nothing life-threatening, no internal bleeding, no brain swelling, no brain damage (well, other than you can expect from a minor concussion).

Apparently, he was at a sleepover at his aunts, and they have a 2nd floor sliding window type thing. The window was open, he was leaning against the screen, and it gave way, leading him to fall out of the window, about 10feet down, onto a concrete slab.

I'm sure if I got anything wrong she'll correct it when she can.