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(no subject)
I didn't get good sleep Sunday night, had a very stressful evening last night, and didn't get good sleep last night.

I'm going to have to find a way to keep my CPAP mask on better. Fighting with the thing keeps me up at night. That's counterproductive.

As such, I'm not keen on April Fools Day today. I don't want to have to work to distinguish between fact and fantasy right now.

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I can help you with one thing.
Fact...some people are very immature...another fact...you are not one of them.
Dont let stuff get to you. I hope you get more sleep tonight.

My SO and both parents use CPAPs.

Whats wrong with it? what type of mask do you have? what is it doing/not doing?

If your jaw is falling open so you breathe through your mouth, try using an old bandanna to tie your jaw UP (think cartoon character with toothache). You'll only need to do this for a while until your body retrains itself (maybe a month?).

If you have a "face-mask" and you're cinching it down until it sits right, but thats bothering you, ask for the "nose pillows" type mask instead. THe nose pillows will allegedly also let you sleep on your side. my SO and father both claim that thi style mask is generally more comfortable.

Good luck.

I have a "nose pillows" type mask that has a band that goes over the top of my head, a band that goes around the back of my head (at roughly ear-level) and a chin-strap. During my night-movements, the bands get pushed around, so that they cease to hold the nose pillows to my nose. Sometimes it comes off entirely.

I plan to add a third band that goes around the base of my skull that, when put on, is too tight to allow the mask to slip up and off. It'll be a bigger pain to put on and take off, but it shouldn't shift.

good luck.. you may need to accept that sometimes you'll "kick off" the mask. I know my SO does, but even 3-4 hours on it make a difference.

Perhaps one of those shaped pillowsto prevent you moving around quite so much?

Please don't take this badly, but... do I know you? Who are you?

Looking at our mutual friends doesn't clue me in because (a) they are sparse, and (b) they are from two directions I didn't think intersected.

totally valid question...

I don't -think- we've ever met. But i could be wrong. I read your LJ on page_of_swords friends page, I know him through the SCA. Which is, incidentally, how I also know Collwen and Marnen. And I know Collwen and page_of_swords have shared a kitchen. I don't see any other common friends?

I'm known in the SCA as "Jenna ChildSlayer" if that helps? I mostly play in/around Ostgardr, sometimes Concordia, and Pennsic.

Does that help?

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