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Sounding the "All Clear"
I got a call from phkslavemeat last night that he was taking sheherazahde to the hospital ER. I was already engaged in another activity and from the sound of the problem it was likely she could be at the hospital for up to 72 hours and there was nothing I could immediately do anyway. If she was still in the hospital today, I could easily visit her today and it would be less stressful.

I've talked to her today via phone. She's home, she's fine. I blame her relationship with her doctor.

Y'see... sheherazahde is on MSRI's, a class of anti-depression medication, similar to SSRI's like Prozac and Wellbutrin. It is very important with these classes of drugs to slowly ramp up and ramp down when starting and ending treatment. Otherwise, bad things can happen. A friend of mine who forgot to take his Wellbutrin for a couple of weeks and then took his normal dose ended up seeing a 3'-diameter spider in his bedroom -- and he's an arachnophobe as well. That sort of bad thing. Not directly life-threatening, but the sort of thing which, if they weren't attributable to bad medication management, could easily result in a 72-hour psychiatric hold at a hospital for observation.

Sheherazahde's standard dose is rather high, and she'd been out of pills for a few month. These two facts either didn't register with her doctor when he gave her the new prescription, or it was glossed over and didn't make an impression. In any event, there was bad communication involved. She took her standard dose that evening, then again the next morning, and by the evening phkslavemeat was concerned enough about her state to take her to the hospital.

After a few hours observation, she was told "Don't do that", given instructions to pick up a starter-pack on Monday at her doctors, and sent home.

She's fine, happy, at home, and thankful for all the concern.