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I'm in Boston.
Well, more like Billerica, or Burlington, or Bedford, or someplace like that (I believe that I'm actually close to the intersection of Billerica, Burlington and Bedford). Today is day 2 of the class I'm in, and right now it's the boring portion of it. We ended yesterday by spending a couple of hours working on a project task to get us used to some of the capabilities of Qt. This morning, we are finishing up that project task. Unfortunately, I was nearly done yesterday and was definitely done by 10am today -- including all the "optional" bits (which aren't really optional).

Last night we went to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant. It was very good, albeit very expensive. It is definitely set up as a very nice romantic getaway: most of the fondues are sized and priced for two and the nature of the meal means long times to talk, etc. Unfortunately, I don't think that I want to take skitten to it. The splitting of the food bit is spoiled by each of us having our own fondue pot and collection of foods to cook, hers with fine cuts of meat, me with vegetables. Giving her and someone else a gift of a "Big Night Out" at The Melting Pot might be fun. The $60/person (including tax and tip) total bill means we aren't likely to go back.

Does anyone in the area have any recommendations for other dinner spots for three guys on corporate per-deims?

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Sixty Dollars per person???

Stop scaring me like that!

>Does anyone in the area have any recommendations for other dinner
>spots for three guys on corporate per-deims?

Exactly where are you and what transportation do you have? For you (and for the others, honestly), the best place would be the Grasshopper. It's a vegan/faux-meat place in the center of Allston. Google-map it, but if you get to Allston via the Allston exit on I-90 the road takes you straight to it without any turns at all.

A "Big Night Out" for two, which consists of a cheese fondue course, a salad course, an entree fondue course (which consists of a bubbling broth and a collection of marinated high-quality raw meats for you to cook in the broth, and a desert chocolate fondue course, starts at $84. That's for 2. Add a vegetarian Big Night Out for one, plus two glasses of wine, plus 5% tax, and it pushed it up to $149.10 before tip.

I'm at the intersection of Billerica, Burlington, and Bedford, near where Rt 3 meets 128. About here. My hotel is due north of the arrow and the training is in the L-shaped building across the street to the NW.

Well here are your directions.

Hmmmm. Didn't realize how close it was to Watertown Mall. There is a Country Buffet in Watertown Mall that I've been in as well. The attached Best Buy is a favorite spot for ad-hoc AAVSO IT purchases as well. :-)

Your link for directions is the same as my link to where I am. In other words, it didn't work. There's a certain amount of google-fu necessary to get good links to maps from Google, and I don't know it well enough to advise.


Two Words: Naked Fish. See here: http://www.nakedfish.com/locations.html

Eat. Drink. Be Happy. Won't Break the Bank.

I can see Naked Fish from my hotel room window. How much does Naked Fish have for vegetarians?

Yeah, I've encountered The Melting Pot near Chicago and at home. Nice, but expensive.

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