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DVD Special Features
Yesterday we got Torchwood Series 1, Disc 1 from Netflix. Can someone explain to me why it only contained two episodes yet the Special Features: Deleted Scenes contained deleted scenes from at least three episodes? (I stopped the disc when it said "episode 3" so I don't know how many episodes it had deleted scenes for, I suspect the entire series.)

I think Doctor Who Season 28, Disc 1 did the same thing: I'm pretty sure it had two episodes and deleted scenes from a bunch more.

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You haven't seen Torchwood yet?

Doctor Who Season 28?? How are you numbering that?

How do you feel? (Why do I suddenly feel I've dropped into a Star Trek movie? If you respond like Spock, you're dead! :-) )

I had seen only a couple of episodes of Torchwood, not the entire series. In fact, I had seen both episodes that were on that disk. I don't think I've seen that many more.

It sounds like Series 2 is going to be fun, though. Wikipedia reports that James Marsters should be appearing as another time agent... and also reports that the episode in which he has a "horny and violent" sexual encounter with Captain Jack has already aired. Two questions: (1) is that as sexy as it sounds?, and (b) what sort of accident does he have?

Doctor Who Season 1 began 23 November 1963. Doctor Who Season 26 ended 6 December 1989. Doctor Who Series 1 began 26 March 2005. According to Wikipedia, some fans prefer to call Series 1-3 Seasons 27-29 to maintain continuity. It works for me. So Season 28 is the first season to feature the 10th Doctor.

As for your last question.... I do not understand the question.

Actually, I'm feeling better, but not 100%. And I'm popping Tylenol every 4-6 hours like a good patient. I'm going to stop that, because I just took my temperature and it was normal (well, normal for me, which is below normal for normal folks). If, when it comes time to take another Tylenol, my temperature is still normal, I'm not going to take it.

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