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I'm turning off our phones
Not that I'm answering them, but the ringing wakes me up, and I need to sleep.

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could you leave one ringer turned on, where skitten will hear it, but you won't?

When the phones were ringing at 8:30 this morning, both of them were downstairs with me, none were upstairs with skitten. My phone is still off, hers is not with her, but probably on. She's on a run to get medicines for me (in our medicine cabinet: three bottles of generic ibuprofin, expired '02, '03, '04. About four bottles of generic Tylenol, with a similar spread of expiration dates. skitten is upset that I'm saying "throw them away". I have a nearly full 500-pill bottle of Aspirin with an expiration date of 02/09, so I'm taking that until she gets back.

expired ibuprofen loses its potency - the chemical itself actually evaporates from the pills. i'm not sure how acetaminophen degrades, and i can't find that information quickly. aspirin breaks down over time, and one of its breakdown products is acetic acid, so if your bottle of aspirin smells of vinegar, throw it out.

meanwhile, keep up the fluids and stuff...

Get your rest and feel better

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