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In the "innapropriate abbreviation" category....
Twice this week I've seen Valentine's Day abbreviated oddly. The first was on an entry on the Make magazine blog about a kit for a programmable LED display board. The Valentine's Day themed image of the display board featured a red/pink heart in the center with the words "Happy VD" around it. That caused a double-take, but not as much as an impassioned statement on another LJ someone made about what they were going to do today with their multiple SOs: "How can a girl with two loves not have any plans for VD?"

I realized as I was commenting to the latter than VD isn't in common use anymore, having been replaced by STD. So perhaps I'm showing my age by thinking that VD is a bad abbreviation for Valentine's Day.

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>perhaps I'm showing my age by thinking that VD is a bad abbreviation for Valentine's Day.

No. No, I think on the creepy scale its right up there!

I saw the post you're talking about and I totally went there (I also assume that I'm younger than you). But I have a background in clinical micro and a thing for medical history, which may explain how I get to it.

If I recall correctly, I'm slightly younger the bfudlment, and definitely older than leiacat. Biologically, I'm old enough to be kdsorceress' father, but probably not legally old enough to have been.

Re: Which of us is older?

You're younger than Bfud by matter of months. uilos is most definitely younger than you.

As for the abbreviation, frankly, I think it's rather apropos, since isn't the whole purpose of the occasion to exchange material goods for sexual favors?

Re: Which of us is older?

It is perfectly possible to exchange material goods for sexual favors without also exchanging pathogenic biological material in the process.

As near as I can tell, the purpose of St Valentines Day is to venerate a man who, as best we can tell, was martyred for the early Christian church and was buried by the roadside outside of Rome on February 14th. We think he was a priest, or maybe a bishop. He may have died in as early as 269 or as late as 273. Even the earliest citations said we didn't know what he was martyred for.

Re: Which of us is older?

Ok, ok, enough of this hinting around. :) I'm 29. I never really understood why age was one of those numbers people aren't supposed to talk about.

Re: Which of us is older?

You even remembered it right this time. :)

Re: Which of us is older?

It's important to talk about age, especially in a dating context. If you stick by the rule-of-thumb of dating no one younger than half your age plus seven years not knowing someones true age if they are significantly older or younger than you can be troublesome. Following that rule, I could date folks who are between 25 and 58. But it would screw up the system if I had to guess someones age and they were near the boundaries.

Re: Which of us is older?

Heh. Ohdear.

For the recored, abbriviating it as VD really freaks me out too, even if I am too young for the terminology. I blame my prediliction for old* mad magazines...

V-Day kinda throws me too, because I think of Victory-Day.

I'm doomed.


*60's/70's era. They are wins.

The term might not be in common use (and heck, STD has been replaced by STI, causing much confusion when I refer to my favorite car) but it's still quite well known and yes, a horrendous choice on how to reclaim the abbreviation.

When I was in 8th grade there was a guy that I had a crush on who reminded me of Vash (an anime character) So we called him Vash-Dude (or sometimes VD for short). Now that I know what that *actually* stands for... it's really creepy in retrospect. O_o;;;;

But yeah, I agree. Bad abbreviation.

Huzzah! Vash! I love Vash.

Dun worry about the creepiness factor. Just change it in your memory to Vash-kun or Vash-chan and you have VK and VC!

*waits to see if those turn out to be just as creepy*

Haha. At this point I just think of him as "That blond guy with the trench coat I used to like" or "Bob." ... 'Cause Bob was his name. ^^;;;

ps. This is Meaghan and I'm adding you to my friends list. :P How've you been?
I just finished "The Looking Glass Wars" and started "Seeing Redd". :D Holyshitgood!!

at least the older meaning of the abbreviation makes it easy to be sarcastic about the event.

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