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Bound for Glory tonight.
Tonight's Bound For Glory (America's longest running live folk music concert radio program) features The Powder Kegs. They are doing their sound check now, and the first set is in 40 minutes. I think I might want to move from my current seat (next to the band, behind the house speaker) to someplace a little farther away, like down the hall outside the cafe they are playing in. It looks like a 5-piece band, including drum kit. Since this is for a radio show, everything is miked, amped, and balanced, which means everything is VERY LOUD.

The number of instruments isn't the problem (I've been here with bands that have had large collections of instruments like 3 fiddles, 2 accoustic guitars, a squeezebox or two, plus a banjo for flavor, and have had it be fine. But I think the drum kit kicks the volume up a notch.

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i'm excited! i'll be there for the second 2 shows.
maybe i'll see you! :)

I went, but I must have gone later than you.
Ah well...

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