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Sicks and stones...
So the news today is that Romney dropped out. kightp opined that the far-right blogosphere would go bat-shit over this -- and then provided links to show that it had.

Glancing at the blog comments she linked to, I couldn't help to notice something I have seen before repeatedly: Hillbama, Hussein Obama, Billary, mcpain, McShame, Hildebeast, McAmnesty, Chucklebee, McScrewYou, old GlueHorse, Huckacarter, McStain, Suckabee. The far-right calls people they don't like names (I must admit, when I started this list I was expecting it to be mainly names for Clinton and Obama, I was surprised by the amount of right-on-right name calling). All of these names (except Billary, which I've seen elsewhere) come from three of the four blogs kightp linked to. The fourth blog was mercifully free of name calling.

I don't tend to read political blogs in general. Do the blogs on the left engage in similar name calling? Or does this tend to be a left-right thing?

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I think that overall, it's slightly more frowned upon on the left. However, it certainly exists, even in relatively petty form - Mann Coulter is a popular slur, for instance, or Rush Limpballs.

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