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Obligatory "get out the vote" posting.
It's "Super Tuesday", where in 24 states the Democratic or Republican parties (or both) are formally canvassing their membership to help determine who the respective parties will endorse for President of the United States in a few months.

(boy, that puts it into perspective).

If you are a member of either of those political parties, and your party is holding a primary or caucus today, go participate.

As an aside, I've had a few members of my friends list essentially post "Go Vote! You're a bad person if you don't", and I've even gotten a phone call from my mother berating me for not voting today. But I'm not allowed to participate in intraparty decision making, so I can't (legally) vote today. Please keep that in mind when urging folks to get out and vote.

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I tried to re-register as democrat just for the primary vote... and my voter registration card came back as green party. not sure what happened there. oh well.

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