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It looks like I'll be in Bedford, MA from Feb 11 to Feb 19Feb 25-29 for professional training. I'm not going to plan on doing anything with anyone in the area, as I will be sans car and I don't know what the "hotel-work" for the training will entail. Three of us are going from my company.

That doesn't mean I'm not willing to play things by ear or turn away folks who want to see me while I'm out there.
UpdateI got the dates wrong in my posting. I didn't mean to say 11th-19th.

To clarify... I would love to see folks in the area while I'm there. I also know that that's not what I'm being paid to go there for, and so its unlikely I'll be able to do much, logistically.

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Well, let us know. We may or may not be available, too. :)

Wow, you're going to be there through the week-end?

No, I'm going on different dates than I posted. Feb 21-25, not Feb 11-19. Updated.

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