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Reasons not to like Microsoft....
I'm trying to evaluate a development platform at work and I ended up having multiple versions of Visual Studio installed. My goal is to uninstall all of them and reinstall the one I wish to evaluate. I've had the two following paraphrased interactions with the uninstall programs:

Microsoft may have installed additional software on your machine. Please go to the Add/Remove Control panel and uninstall the following 20 packages which may or may not be there, in order. Oh, you can't do that with this window open, sorry.


Me: Please uninstall program Y.
Windows: Error: You must install X before installing Y.
Me: .....

The latter is what happens when you uninstall the 20 packages, in order, and find left-over cruft which is apparently dependent on the packages you uninstalled.

(X in this case was the MS .NET Framework 2.0)

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i read this entry out loud to my-husband-the-programmer, who has worked with .NET quite a bit. his advice? "the only way you're going to get rid of that mess is to format the entire machine and reinstall everything." (i can believe it, because M$ wouldn't let me uninstall an old copy of Visio i had on my computer - it kept telling me i had to install it before i could uninstall it... but when i tried to install it again so i could do that, it wouldn't let me install it either, because i already had it on my machine!)

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