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Sleep Paralysis.
There were times when I was at University that I would be extremely tired and would/could lie down on a couch at the office of one of the clubs I was a member of and not be able to move. I would be fully conscious, able to talk and hold conversations, but I couldn't will by body below my head to move. I described it, at the time, as if my body was asleep but my mind wasn't.

I knew it was caused by my extreme fatigue; I knew it was not harmful, although I suspect that if an emergency arose and I still couldn't move then I would have been more concerned. I wasn't scared, frightened, or fearful.

It seems to me that, except for the lack of fear or terror, it matches the descriptions of "sleep paralysis". Well, I also didn't get hallucinations. And I didn't always, or usually, actually fall asleep. I guess that except for the being awake but unable to move bit, it doesn't match the descriptions of sleep paralysis.

But if it wasn't that, what was it?

Anyone else familiar with something like that?

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Yeah, that sort of thing happens to me occasionally. Just on the edge of sleep. I cannot talk at all, though, so that's different from your experience.

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