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MacBook Air v MacBook
So... for $600 more, I get (a) twice the RAM (2GB v. 1GB), (b) half the thickness (12mm v. 27mm), (c) 60% the weight (3lb v. 5lb), and (d) a multitouch touchpad.

The screen's the same, the baseline HD's the same, the battery life is slightly less (5hr v. 6hr), the sound's the same, the video's the same...

Oh, it's wedge-shaped, not square. (Am I evil for thinking that'll make a better doorstop in a couple of years?)

Am I missing anything?

So for you Mac fans out there.... is it worth it? I'm not sure I'm sold on it.

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I'd forgotten today was MacWorld, honestly.

Nope. Not considering it, (not that I'm in a position or a need to right now in any event. Ananda is just over a year old).

My reaction to the stats went, "Eh. Eh. Uuh. What the???" That last was for the lack of an optical drive.

What we have here is a stripped down computer for a pumped up price.

Given that it took Apple almost six years to get me to upgrade my laptop I won't be surprised if the same thing happens again. I mean, face it - even laptops are rather mature machines.

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