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MacBook Air v MacBook
So... for $600 more, I get (a) twice the RAM (2GB v. 1GB), (b) half the thickness (12mm v. 27mm), (c) 60% the weight (3lb v. 5lb), and (d) a multitouch touchpad.

The screen's the same, the baseline HD's the same, the battery life is slightly less (5hr v. 6hr), the sound's the same, the video's the same...

Oh, it's wedge-shaped, not square. (Am I evil for thinking that'll make a better doorstop in a couple of years?)

Am I missing anything?

So for you Mac fans out there.... is it worth it? I'm not sure I'm sold on it.

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I didn't even notice the lack of an optical drive.

Is 3lb v. 5lb and twice the memory that big of a deal?

For some people? Yes, absolutely. The more you travel, or even just wander around the office with the thing under your arm going from meeting to meeting, the more those two pounds matter, honestly.

If my work place were willing to buy me an Apple in any context whatsoever, I'd be all over this thing like white on rice. As it is, having just bought a MacBook Pro last year, this isn't QUITE sexy enough for me to consider selling my MBP in favour of it. But they were very close.

Also, look at the competition.

The baseline offering for the comparable Dell, for example, the Latitude D430, sports a slower processor (1.2GHz), 1GiB RAM, 40GB HD, the older GMA950 video chipset, the same panel resolution (1280x800) but a smaller screen (12.1"), for $1500. There's currently a promotion that cuts that down by about $350 and, IMO, is aimed squarely at trying to compete with the new Apple offering, but that's the list price.

If you customise for comparable specs to the $1799 MacBook Air (2GiB RAM, 80GB HD, 802.11b/g/n, BlueTooth) the list price goes up to $1874.

So it's better and cheaper than it's 3lb competitor, but is slower than it's cheaper older 5lb brother who is otherwise comparable? Even with a 3rd party RAM upgrade?

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