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How's that work again?
For the past couple of weeks I've been going to the gym on a regular basis (specifically, every day except holidays since 12/30. I missed Saturday, though). My routine (for now) is to do a half-hour of work on the recumbant steppers. The machines I use have a "constant work" program so I can set in the amount of power I wish to generate and it adjusts the resistance on the fly so my workout generates that amount of power. It's not "constant work", it's "constant power", but that's a distinction I think only nerdy science types care about.

Anyway, I've been setting it to do 60W constantly for 30minutes, which should give me a total energy workout of 30Whr. The machine also reports my workout in Calories. Fairly consistently, my 30WHr workout has come out as 210 Calories or so. Today I ramped up, and set it to do 65W for 30minutes, for a total energy production of 32.5Whr. This time, my workout was 192Cal.

So... I worked harder, and burned fewer Calories? How's that work again?