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It's softnessbutch's fault if I get nothing done today at work...
Last night softnessbutch asked me about something she read in my LJ. I didn't know she was reading it (or that she had an LJ), so this morning I went hunting down her journal to add her as a friend.

She has top-posted to her LJ a bunch of links to web-comics, including two I've not heard of: Evil Inc. and Brat-halla, both of which look like they are right up my alley, with extensive archives.

If I don't get anything done at work, I'm blaming her. Of course, I'll try to resist.

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MMMWWWAAAHHA - my evil plan is working!!!

b.b.b.b.b.b.b.b.but.... we *need* Bu to be employed....

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