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Tired, so tired...
It's Sunday. I have no plans scheduled. I was up late last night. So why am I up at 6:40am?

I had to go to the bathroom. skitten told me, as I was getting up, she needed to do so too. Because she needs to get into bed before me, I can't go back to bed until she does. Since she takes longer to get up, go to the bathroom, and get back, I sat down to browse the web while waiting. As soon as she's back in bed, I'll head up. She knows this, she knows all this.

So she decided to check her email/LJ too...

I'm tired, so tired. And exasperated. And bitching in frustration and exhaustion.

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Why don't you set up the bed so she can get out on her side?

the problem is it's a king sized bed & there's a ton of clothing on the floor- I could get up with some difficulty to the end of the bed (&I have once or twice) but in order to make it *easy* we'll have to switch sides on which we've (possibly I've) grown accustomed to sleeping on.... and re-organizing the grand & glorious mess that is our headboard shelves
I plan to tackle the clothing disaster with my cleaning faeries... but haven't finished just yet- we did one attempt & it made a dent but not so much....ther's lots more to be done... mom's "great sweater purchases of '07" makes it easier to cull through my sweaters though *lol*

maybe you would like help getting it done.... or just maybe you need a magic wand to wave so more cleaning faeries come out of the wood work

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