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I'm using a new(ish) computer at work, as one of my coworkers is now working remote from Portland and my old machine had slight problems with the USB ports and as such makes an excellent build server instead of a workstation.

Also, for developmental reasons, I decided to boot in Windows rather than Linux. Because we are using some Windows-specific libraries and tools, I was running a Windows VM anyway.

The other day I connected my/our iPod to the machine, primarily to recharge it after a period of neglect. I was very surprised when iTunes chose to start up, sync the iPod to the computer (and thus put the tracks on the iPod onto my computer and put my coworker's iTunes library on the iPod), and checked for updates to the iTunes and iPod software.

I also saw an article in Wired about MIT's OpenCourseWare program which mentioned a Linear Algebra class available on OpenCourseWare. Wanting to check it out, I went to the OpenCourseWare site, and saw that it was possible to download the lectures via iTunes with one click. Three of the lectures are now on the iPod with the remainder downloading to my desktop.

elfs mentioned The Immigrant's Song in his LJ, and my thought was "Hmmm, if I had an actual iTunes Store account, I could go and buy not only that track (which I like) but the rest of the Led Zeppelin oeuvre, which I haven't heard nearly enough of... At that point, I realized that iTunes was a temptation.

I think I'll just check to see what the library has of LZ on CD. Besides, I need to re-rip Pimsleur's Japanese I track 14 anyway.

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I gather you want to play rather than work? you intend to be here at 8?

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