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7 hours in a mall....
We spend over 7 hours in a maul today. Part of what we got from skitten's mom was gift cards which everyone (but me, the one that read the gift card agreement cover to cover) assumed had to be spent at the maul it was bought at.

First off, we watched Sweeney Todd. I've not seen the stage production, and I don't tend to do musical theater that much anyway. My feeling: I would have appreciated fewer songs and more plot done in plain speech. In my opinion it might have been improved by being based on the play Sondheim based the musical out of rather than the musical. Other than that, it was good. Skitten's feeling: Too much blood.

Then we went to eat at a place called T.C. Hooligan's, which was an OK bar/grill. Unusual on the menu: a "basket of tater tots". Not surprising, the "basket" barely held one layer of tater tots. All the burgers came as a choice between burger, chicken, turkey burger, and veggie burger. 'Twas OK.

Then shopping... "The Mall at Greece Ridge Center" feels like a large maul. It was originally two mauls which grew together and merged. Most of the stores are along one long hallway which has a couple of bends in it. According to Wikipedia, it was (in 1994, when they merged) the second-largest maul in the Eastern US, and it has 141 stores.

So it should be no surprise that Regal Cinemas is at one end of the maul and the shops we want (Lane Bryant, B&N, Dicks Sporting Goods, CJ Banks, etc) are at the other end of the maul -- and that we parked near the Regal Cinema end (if you know the place, or hunt down a map of the maul online, we parked right outside the Food Court). As the mauling went on, the bags I were carrying got heavier and heavier, and I was doing more and more waiting on the benches outside the clothing shops rather than carry them, etc.

Before the last push, we had dinner at Friendly's. then wandered back to the food court (only stopping at two stores...) and out to the car.

Time arrived at the maul: 10:45am. Time left the maul: 6:25pm. Time in the maul: 7h40m. Ugh.

It turns out that the extremely well located parking spot I found wasn't a handicapped spot like I thought. I didn't bother to read the sign; it was located where all the other handicapped spots were and it had a sign. I backed into the spot, and all was well. When I left, there was a piece of paper under the wiper blade and while retrieving it I saw that the sign read "Police Only". Oops. Nearly 8 hours in a police only parking spot. Fortunately, the piece of paper was a note from Skitten's dad who missed us after the movie.

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*grimaces* I hate Greece Ridge Mall. I had my purse and identity stolen there several years ago and mall security did nothing until I personally called the police from another store. There are too many teenagers hanging around the mall with nothing to do and I feel unsafe there now. It reminds me more of a thug hangout than a shopping mall. I generally try to shop at Eastview in Victor now. I'm glad you had a good time though.

actually my *full feeling is that they cut out some very good music *and* they showed too much blood...

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