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If I were doing the holidays with my mom instead of Skitten's...
I'm sure there wouldn't be as much bickering/nagging going on, and I'm fairly certain that today we'd all be going to see Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street.

Even skitten is blowing up at her mom over the nagging.

I did get some neat gifts, though.

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We've been up for several hours and there hasn't been a single bicker. A bit of banter, perhaps, and some fairly constant nagging from the bird. I wish you were here.

we discussed visiting you next year.... what do you think?

by the way- when do you plan to leave for home?

I am home. Was that directed to me?

I think it was directed at me, who wasn't home then but am home now.

nope-that was for Bu *lol*
do you have a t mobile phone?

Yes I do. Is this for me?

I thought you were Verizon. Yes, that message was for you. skitten got a T Mobile phone + service on his family plan for christmas. Maybe we'll call you with it.

yes- my parents & my brohter put me on a tmobile family plan with unlimited calling minutes between family members....if it's unlimited between t-mobile customers (he told me he'd check....perhaps we can come to some sort of money-saving calling scheme? :)

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