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Good news!
Back in September I had a very good annual review. The financial compensation bit was delayed in large part due to new investors dumping a lot of money into the company and suggesting new financial policies and other controls. Things have settled down now, and one of the changes is that annual reviews and compensation issues are now tied to the calendar year (which is probably also the fiscal year). So the raise I'm getting for being a good employee starts 1 January (or thereabouts).

Today I was finally (semi-)officially informed of the results. The paperwork isn't final yet, but it was close enough that my boss and boss's boss were willing to tell all of us individually what our new salaries are.

I got a 9.6% raise.

I can live with that.

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Congrats! (And no, calendar year ≠ fiscal year, at least not usually. Though sometimes it does, you don't see it very often.)

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It's possible that calendar year &neq; fiscal year. However, I suspect it is in this case:

1. It's the IRS default. You have to elect to change it, and there are weird rules for doing so.
2. The most common reason to change it is because business is seasonal, and it's handy to have the fiscal year switch in the off-season. Our business is seasonal, but it's more tied to the construction business than to the marketing season. Summer is our busy time, not winter.
3. If I were to align all the anniversary dates, compensation change dates, etc for a company, I'd do it with the fiscal year.

Congratulations! And Happy Yule!


hell yes!

That's great! Congratulations!

I am so glad you got a 9.6% raise. It will help you pay for my...

Heart Attack Recovery!!!

>Back in September I had a very good annual review.

*Oh, fuck! Not again! Oh, please, Gods, not again! It couldn't have happened again. No! Not again!*

*Reads further. Skips wildly to end of post*

>I got a 9.6% raise.
>I can live with that.

*Slumps down in utter relief. Cannot move for several minutes due to weakness. Cats licking still face to make sure I'm still alive. Slowly recover over a half hour. Resolve to kill you when I next see you*

Feliĉan Julon!

Kaj gratulojn!

You had a near heart attack over a post entitled "Good news!"?

Congratulations! What a nice Solstice gift!

Congratulations. Merry Yule. Merry Christmas. Happy Hannukah. Glorious Eid al-Adha. Joyous Kwanzaa.

I think I got I got it covered.

I am glad that your employer recognized your talents and hard work. Having known you for a decade or so, I don't find it surprising, but it is nice to see the man who writes you checks recognize it, too. ;-)

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