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GMail drained.
For the first time since, well, probably since I got the account, my GMail inbox is empty, and none of my labels have unread mail. I also emptied my spam and trash while I was at it.

This doesn't mean I have no unread mail, just that any unread mail is lurking in my archives and probably isn't that important. Or the useful content was in the subject line and I didn't need to read more. Or something.

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Please send me (or post)your email address again. I'm at work and when they changed my computer I lost it. Thanks.

Re: Your email address

Where possible, I use the same name as my LJ account. I did so with GMail as well.

It's possible that sending me email via LJ (i.e., my LJ name "at" LJ) would be forwarded just as well, but I haven't tried it in a while.

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