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(no subject)
The good news is that when the table tipped and the 19"CRT on it fell off and rolled across the floor towards skitten, the tube did not break. In fact, when it came to rest, on its top, facing skitten, it still had a picture (of sorts) on the display.

The bad news is that I've been forced to switch to a different monitor, an old dirty 14".

I suppose this is an excuse to get a new 19" flatscreen, but that should still wait until I have spare cash.

On the other hand, I can actually see the room over this monitor.

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*heh* the fall was rather impressive ;)
thanks for not making it land on my feet! :)

aren't you glad we had an extra monitor & that the freecycle ppl only needed/wanted one? :)

I have a flat screen (not flat panel) CRT Trinitron monitor that I no longer use. If you were to find a way to get it from my home to yours, you could have it. It's really quite a nice monitor. I wouldn't be able to hold it indefinitely.

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