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Beowulf, at 12:50 today, in Ithaca
Skitten and I are thinking of going to the 12:50 showing of Beowulf at the mall formerly known as Pyramid. Anyone interested in joining us?

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*heh* I guess they'd have to be
a) in Ithaca
b) actually awake enough to read this & to get there ;)

oh, man!
I have to remember to go see that!

you are no where near me! I used to work at the Pyramid mall in Saratoga - but I know that is not the mall of which you speak.

According to Wikipedia, The Pyramid Company opened three malls in 1975, all "Pyramid Mall", in Plattsburg, Saratoga, and Ithaca. The ones in Plattsburg and Saratoga closed in the late '90s and were torn down in 1999. The one in Ithaca was sold to a related developer and is in the process of being rebranded "The Shops At Ithaca".

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