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Dear Lazyweb....
I'm looking for a graph algorithm:

Given a connected planar graph and a sequence of connected edges v0->v1->v2->...->vk, what's the best way to find a sequence of connected edges (assuming one exists) v0->v1->v2->...->vk->...->vn->v0 which surround a single face of the planar graph?

(Or phrased another way, if you've traced out part of a state's borders on a map, how do you find the state who's border you're tracing?).

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I would have to scan in the book I used for that class but I used that for the pennsic mapping system...

It seems to me that any polyline depicting a border segment would have the same coordinates no matter which side of the polyline you are concerned with. From a programming point of view, you might refer to a book about 3D graphics programming.

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