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Sometimes it's just magic....
Our boiler hasn't been working for about a week+ now. The flue exhaust fan blows, the water circulation pumps pumps, but the gas doesn't flow and the igniter doesn't heat up. In trying to deal with this, I've replaced the igniter with no effect. Obviously, the problem is deeper.

So tonight I approached the boiler with a VOM, turned the thermostat up (so it *should* be lighting), and took a look at the handy-dandy wiring diagram mounted next to the wiring on the boiler. First step: see if power is getting to the ignition circuit. I pull the connector off, check the power leads: power. Then I look to see what the next thing I should check on the wiring diagram is.

As I doing that, with the power connector still off of the ignition circuit, I hear the gas turn on briefly, then turn off.

Quickly I plug the connector back on, flip the "off" switch to reset the system, wait a couple of seconds, and turn it back on.

The igniter glowed, nice and red, the gas kicked on, and fwoom... lights. Then the igniter turned off.


So I put the cover back on the boiler, verified that the exhaust flue is, indeed, getting hot, and came back upstairs, waiting for the radiators to get hot and warm up the room.

I have no idea what I did to fix it. Sometimes it's just magic.

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Wolf has something to say...

Wolf: Buddha, you need to learn to take credit for fixing things you didn't fix. When I worked at the TV station, I had them convinced I was some kind of mechanical GOD. I could walk into a room and machines would behave, simply because I was there.

When the heavens throw you a bone, dine on marrow!

Re: Wolf has something to say...

Hey I didn't say I didn't fix it, I just said I had no idea what I did to fix it.

It was a running joke when I was working for my father that my method of program maintenance was to sit in the break room reading and drinking tea until someone came and said the application wasn't working properly. I'd say "show me what it's doing wrong", follow them back into the office, watch it work fine, hear them say it wasn't working a minute ago, and say "if you need me, I'll be in the break room". So I'm very familiar with the "fix it by looking at it" school of equipment repair.

i've been a technomage all my life, starting long before i knew anything of magick. not only do i like almost any kind of machinery, but it seems to like me, too. many times, i would simply tell something to work, and it would. but sometimes i don't even need to do that. JH has an old studio-quality reel-to-reel audio tape recorder. on more than one occasion, she called me to come fix something that was wrong with it. and as soon as i walked into her house, it would start working properly again. ("oh, no! here she comes with the soldering iron again! no, please, i'll behave, i promise!")

although in the case of your home heating system, you may well be right about there being something that got reset when you started taking things apart. most furnaces do have at least one, sometimes more than one, cryptic reset function that's needed to get it to start after it's been repaired.

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