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Question for the HP slash fanfic fans out there...
I have an idea for some HP slash fiction, and I'm wondering if anyone else has done it yet...

It occurred to me that to was established in one of the early books that Minerva McGonagall has a time twister of her very own, even though these devices are frowned upon and barely legal. This sets up the possibility, in my mind at least, of some Minerva/Minerva NC-17 slash fiction. Has anyone explored the possibilities of Minerva using her time-twister for some late-night fun with herself?

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While she does have a time-turner, she is also adamant to Hermione about NOT encountering her past or future selves. See PoA for more info on that.

I've never heard of anyone writing something like that either, and I've read a fair number of Minerva fics, as well as writing some.


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