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A friends-locked and uncommentable entry in a friends journal (you know who you are) prompted me to update my contact information with the National Bone Marrow Registry. Despite my health issues, it appears like I'm still eligible.

I'd encourage anyone who wants to potentially save a life or two to sign up as a bone marrow donor. They take a blood sample, type it for lots of blood factors (not just A/B/AB/O and Rhesus, but lots), and put you in a registry. If someone needs bone marrow, they check it against the registry, and if you are a match, give you a call to discuss actual donation. You can say no at that point.

BTW, when I signed up with the bone marrow registry, I informed them of my history, and why I'm on the blood-donation persona-non-grata list. They still signed me up, saying that their health history qualifications are different than the blood donor pool because they match donors to recipients and at the time of actual donation they would do much more detailed matching and qualification tests than is done for the blood pool. So one's history of risk factors isn't as big a problem as it is for blood donation.

The point being... if you don't donate blood because the screening questions screen you out for past risky behavior (as defined by the FDA), you can still donate bone marrow.

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Thank you; that's good to know.

I have tried to register and been turned away because of my asthma medications. Then I was told that I would have to go for 72 hours without any of same meds in order to donate, and they wouldn't allow me to do that. My response was that my asthma is not severe enough that 3 days without my medication would endanger my life, and that it would be little or no inconvenience to me in order to possibly save a life. They still wouldn't let me sign up to be tested.
And I can't give blood anymore because I had a stealth respiratory infection that gave a false positive on one of the Blood Center's tests. But I'm still registered as an organ donor, so at least I still have that.

Thank you for posting this. A lack of viable bone marrow donors is often all that stands in the way of recovery for certain types of leukemia, lymphoma, and myeloma patients.

You're welcome. Am I correct in interpreting your icon to mean we are corelligionists?

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