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Reading old journals...
It's interesting rereading my old LJ posts. I was looking for a specific entry to recall, and I ended up reading a lot more than that to find it. I found it odd what I would write about, and what I could remember and what I couldn't. Somethings I had good recollection of -- the circumstances surrounding the post I was trying to find -- and somethings I had absolutely no recollection of -- a lost potential chew toy who I can't place now (wait, I think I know who was being talked about).

I added tags (poetry and fiction) to some of the entries I found. I'm likely to go back and read some more. But it's late tonight.

For the record, the poem Tiger's Call I wrote for Katia came up in my thoughts today, and I wanted to hunt it down.

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ooh! thank you for hunting that down... it has very pleasant memories attached to it :)

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