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Things you learn at inopportune times....
This evening there is a local free concert by Christine Lavin which we are going to (right now, it's an hour before the first of three half-hour sets, and the concert space is filling up. I'm next door at a library with a free internet connection. My seat has already been saved).

I wanted to get a CD and renew my membership in the organization supporting the free concerts, but I didn't have any cash. Off to the bank I went on my way to Cornell...

Funny thing about ATM cards. When my bank sends out new ones, which they do every few years, they first send a letter which says, paraphrased, "your new card is coming, and here's the PIN you should use with it. Don't forget it." A few days later, they send the card. Of course, the PIN is random, and if you don't use it very often, you have a tendency to forget it. I remember the PINs of the previous three cards I had, but not the PIN of the card I got two months ago.

Eventually, trying variants of what you remember the PIN to be gets you a receipt from the ATM saying that there have been too many password attempts on the card. I figured this would mean going to the bank tomorrow, showing them my card, talking to them, and having them reset the card, preferrably with a PIN of my choosing.

So we headed up to Cornell, sans cash, but I was still hungry.

After choosing our seats two hours before the first set started, I headed out to get food. And lovely food I had, too. I love Indian food, and Palak Paneer is a familiar favorite (Palak is an Indian relative of spinach, so spinach curry with homemade cheese is Palak Paneer. Saag is another Indian relative of spinach, so the dish Saag Paneer my dad made while I was growing up is essentially the same thing). 'Twas good, and also wasn't too dreadfully expensive.

Paying, however, turned out to be tricky. My ATM/Debit card came back "Do Not Honor", and I had no cash on me. It wasn't "Declined", but "Do Not Honor", which to me suggests that the mucking around at an ATM machine earlier totally disabled the card. It is really embarrassing, and difficult to deal with, to have your only method of payment refused after you have consumed the product or service you are trying to pay for.

I got out by leaving my drivers license as a marker which I will redeem tomorrow, after I talk to the bank and get my card reactivated.

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will the bank give you the pin?
my pin never changes because cfcu lets you create your own pin... much more convenient that way...

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