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broken tea pot
A few years ago, my mom got me (well, handed down, really) a Bodum Bistro Nouveau 1.0l tea pot. It has been my favorite tea pot for making loose-leaf tea since then. It's made of clear borosilicate glass, with a handle held on by a metal band. The main pot looks an awful lot like this replacement glass pot from Bodum.

I just noticed that it was sitting on the counter with a chunk of glass missing from the lip, with cracks that extend below the metal band holding on the handle. In other words, it is ruined and unsafe to use anymore. My initial whine of "why can't I ever have nice things" was checked by the fact that I've had this beautiful example of minimalist functional design for years and can't rightly complain that I haven't gotten its worth out of it. All that's left is replacement.

I liked the Bodum because its design is minimalist and functional, it was extremely easy to clean (every bit of it is dishwasher safe), and the clear glass highlighted the tea extremely well. The open basket easily allowed the tea to expand and be as exposed to water as possible, something that tea balls and other infusion methods I've seen in the past don't really allow. In short, it looked good, tasted good, and was easy to deal with. I will admit that the extreme cylindrical shape isn't everyones, uh, cup of tea, and the plastic basket did collect tannin stains very easily, but overall the design's positive aspects outweighed the negative.

The image I linked to above, from the bodum usa web site, is listed under "spare parts" and the status is "temporarily unavailable". I could find no other pot on the site that used the same glass, so I'm assuming the use of the word "temporarily" is merely to give false hope. I think I'm going to have to go with a different replacement set.

Until I can afford a replacement, I'll try using my (Bodum) French Press with tea. I think it'll be harder to clean, but might be as effective for brewing.

I can't afford to get a replacement right now. I'm turning over about half my paycheck to the County tax office until the new year. Food, gas, back bills and repayment of loans taken to get us through this immediate financial crisis take priority over beautiful replacement teapots. The best I can do until then is to collect opinions on a replacement. I've like the Bodum for the past few years, and I'm partial to going to them for a replacement. But I'm willing to hear differently.

What tea making set, Bodum or otherwise, do you recommend, and why?

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I think that's the 0.5l model, but yes, like that one, only bigger,

Your teapot looks like a beaker. That is awesome.

Personally I use a glass teapot that I picked up at an oriental market for around $10. It holds 1100 mL, which makes it almost perfect for four mugs, and the glass means that a) it's easy to clean and b) I can see what the tea looks like as it goes. It sounds like it's similar to the ones you have, except that the actual glass pot part looks like it ought to be a home for a betta.

So, check the oriental marts near you. You might be able to come up with something Real Cheap to tide you over.

If I could figure out how to rig an Erlenmeyer Flask for brewing tea, I'd consider getting one of them (I found an online supplier offering 1000ml flasks for about $10/ea).

Erlenmeyer. Tea ball that will get inside the mouth of the Erlenmeyer. Hot tongs. I feel bad that I can't come up with the right word for those metal tongs labs specifically use to pick up hot glassware.

Teaposy has quite a selection of borosilicate glass teapots, along with some very intriguing-sounding "tea blossoms".

It works quite nicely. I will be near an IKEA within a few weeks. If you'd like me to pick one up for you, let me know.

Yule isn't that far away

Take a look at this site and let me know if anything is calling to you. Perhaps the Hogfather (who is, after all, a personal friend of mine) will smile upon you.


Re: Yule isn't that far away

Of the ones posted there, I like the Assam III 1liter, skitten likes the Shin Cha 1liter. Actually, we both sort of like the Bora Bora, but at thrice the price, it isn't thrice as neat.

The other thing I like on the Bodum site is the Clara, but I can't justify its cost right now. The Ibis looks rather nice, and rather affordable.

Re: Yule isn't that far away

Other than the Bora Bora, any one of the ones you mentioned would be doable for Yule. Which one did you like best?

Re: Yule isn't that far away

The Assam III, please.

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