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random ramblings....
I've been thinking about the story I pitched a while back. Some changes are in order... After reading leiacat's comments on Trina, she will be renamed Katya. Leiacat also commented that most likely she would have gone through France when emigrating from Russia, not Ellis Island. I'm fairly convinced that since at the time of her emigration, France was in the middle of a Great War at the time, which might have made it a difficult migration path. I don't know exactly how she got to Chicago, but she did. I've decided to establish the time (1929, before the stock market crash) by having the protagonists ask the police detective if they've found out who killed Moran's men yet (the reply: finding out who did it isn't the hard part, it's proving it. That, and their #1 suspect (Al Capone) was in Florida at the time). That pegs the date as being sometime shortly after 14 February 1929. Also, it's changing from them finding the gun at a crime scene to having picked up someone who had the gun, and the cop wanted to show it to the protagonists before they had to release him.

I watched "The Crying Game" tonight. Perhaps I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't already known "the secret", but Del's features did look boyish, even when she was dressed up.

I found Hal Haag's FLUXX Suggestions Page via It's always odd to find someone quoting you when you can't remember when you said what they are quoting.

Why does "immigrate" have two "M"s, and "emigrate" only have one?

A strange scenario popped into my head: A guy gets a knock on his door. He opens it. Two aliens are there. They want to examine a human brain. They've chosen his, at random. It can't be a living, non-invasive examination. It has to be fresh, within a minute of death. They don't want to kill him. They are a patient race. They'll wait, patiently, always near him, waiting for him to die, preferably not by disease or in a way that damages the brain. He shouldn't mind them. They just told him so he wouldn't worry about why they are always around.

Unfortunately, my scenario doesn't go beyond that setup. Did I mention I get scenarios in my head, but rarely do I get the ability to convert them into full-fledged plots?

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Why does "immigrate" have two "M"s, and "emigrate" only have one?

Different prefixes. "in" + "migrate" = "inmigrate", which converts the n to an m. "ex" + "migrate" = "exmigrate", and the x was often dropped in such word constructions, so "emigrate".

I was going to explain about "immigrate" vs. "emigrate", but that's already been covered. But about the aliens... the first plot complication that occurred to me was that the human would know that, should he find himself in a life-threatening situation (e.g., about to be run overby a bus), the aliens will not only not do anything to save him, they may actually manipulate the situation so as to increase the chance of him getting killed (without actually killing him themselves). That would be a pretty freaky thought to walk around with, I'd say...

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