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Intriguingly challenging timewaster.
Neatorama linked to a flash game where the basic idea is to spot the differences between two scenes. The neat things about this version are: (a) As you find a difference and click on it, it goes away (and a number that is part of the scene counts down), (b) parts of the scene move, (c) there are a lot of scenes, so once you finish finding all the differences in one, it moves to the next. I've not found the end, and (d) there is replay value, in that there are more than 5 possible differences in each scene and the game chooses only 5 out of the set of possibles each time you play, meaning that the second time you play, you are likely to not know all the differences from the last time you saw it.

I'm posting the link here mainly for skitten, but it should be fun for anyone else who is into detail like that.