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Character development

Caterina "Trina" Petrovna Carruthers
Born Екатерина Пётровна Викторова on 24 August 1902 (O.S.) in St. Petersburg, Russia to Пётр and Елена Викторова.
Immigrated to the US on 15 January 1918, name transliterated at Ellis Island as Caterina Petrovna Victorova, settled in Chicago, Illinois.
Married Michael Carruthers on 14 February 1922.
Widowed on 27 June 1925.

Trina was born to a well-to-do professional and property-holding family in St. Petersburg as an only child. Because of her family's wealth, she was able to have a good education, including tutelage in English and French. After the October Revolution, some of the family property was destroyed in uprisings, and her family chose to emigrate to avoid the political and social upheaval that was coming. In the process, they lost most of their income and, while comfortable, have not enjoyed the same level of income as in Imperial Russia. Trina's education allowed her to quickly get up to speed in Chicago's public schools and graduate in 1920 in the to 10% of her class.

While in school in a woman's college in Chicago, she met and became romantically involved with Michael Carruthers, presumably a veteran of the Great War and a Detective in the Chicago Police Department. (Mike was in reality a colleague of Tom and Jake and also an anachronist. His wartime service is part of his cover). The two of them married on Valentine's Day, 1922. Three years later, while investigating a bootlegging ring, Mike was killed during a raid.

Widowed, with some investment and pension income, Trina turned to Tom and Jake, former colleagues of Mike who left the force to become private investigators. They hired her as a secretary and "Gal Friday", a job she has proven to be very capable at.

Trina does not know the true history of Mike, Tom and Jake. She has, however, figured out that the three of them are connected in a way not detailed in their public history. All three of them had unusual mannerisms, secrets, etc. that someone who was not around them a lot wouldn't notice. She doesn't know what to suspect, but knows that the three are/were "good guys", and doesn't push the issue.

Comments? Questions? Suggestions? Did I get her name and history appropriate? I made her name out of cuts and pastes of what I believe are appropriate morphemes, and I'd appreciate corrections if I got anything wrong.

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Minor linguistics geekitude - the e in Петровна loses its dots along with its more rounded sound as the accent shifts to the "rov" syllable when it forms the patronymic.

Whether at age 16 or later a Katya would choose to change her nickname to Trina is anyone's guess; I don't know any who might have. (Russians are far less casual with nickname-formation. Ekaterinas are Katyas by default. Rina is a long-shot if there are other Katyas nearby in the family (but even so, I'd estimate a <5% chance of it). Trinas are outright impossible, and would have to be a result of teenage rebellion, or adulthood desire to shed old identity, or what-have-you).

I also don't know any Russians, actual or historic, who bothered to keep their patronymic as a part of their name after emigrating. Also, if she emigrated with her whole family, the odds would be that her last name would drop the initial A and the whole family would be dubbed Victorov. It's possible that the A would persist if she emigrated by herself or with her mother/female relatives of that name only.

The education/immigration checks, I suppose. With her resources she'd be much more likely to end up in France than on Ellis Island. From her name I presume she's ethnically Russian, and _very_ few Russians, especially wealthier ones, went that route. But it's not impossible or unheard of.

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