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Just to clarify....
It's come up a few times in the past couple of weeks when I've mentioned issues with my housing: People have suggested, with good intent, that if I'm renting, it's my landlord's responsibility to fix things with the house, not mine.

skitten owns the house. She and her ex bought it a decade ago. As part of the divorce settlement, he executed a quit-claim deed on the property, so the title is in her name only.

She is also newly disabled, out of work because of that, and has what is euphemistically referred to as a "fixed income". I am effectively the breadwinner of the household. So even though the things a landlord are supposed to take care of may technically be her responsibility, the reality is that it mostly falls on me to see that they get done.

So, please, understand that while "talk to your landlord, it's his responsibility" is usually good advise, it can be a bit annoying when you don't have one.

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I apologize. I really wasn't sure, which is why I said "if you're renting"... but I can see how that can be taken as an assumption. (I just went from home-owner to house-renter myself a couple of years ago, and it constantly annoys me that I can't just fix things myself any more.)

I seem to be managing to piss off a lot of people today. I'm sorry.

Don't worry about it. I don't equate being minorly annoyed with being pissed off. It doesn't keep me from wanting to see you in person in a little over a week, for instance.

Right before you posted that, I had just found myself in the midst of severe Llama Drama in someone else's LJ... a minor comment I'd made, intended to be helpful, wound up pushing the journal owner's buttons, as well as those of several other people. As usual, the more I tried to clarify what I'd meant, the angrier everyone got (especially the journal owner, who admits to having "a serious anger problem"), culminating in a mutual de-friending. It just all left me very unhappy, and I was hoping I wasn't going to wind up having the same issues again. I'm a Sagittarius, and my feet do wind up in my mouth clear up to the knees sometimes.

So I'm very glad to know that I haven't pissed you off. And I'm also very glad to know that I'll be seeing you next week! You'll get to meet my son, who doesn't blog, and my charming future daughter-in-law squeektoy42. (Plus, of course, the usual gang of suspects.)

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