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Cable modem woes....
I got the cable guy out here today to check out why our cable modem is having heat-related connection issues. I was very afraid that this would be a typical diagnosis of an intermittent fault: It's working now.... reschedule for when it isn't working, which you don't know when will be, and it'll probably correct itself again between when you make the appointment and when it gets filled.

The good news is that when I got home to meet the cable guy, it became quickly evident that it was in the "flaky" stage, so we wouldn't have to try to reschedule for when it wasn't working.

The great news is that he diagnosed the problem.

The bad news is that he didn't even come into the house, just visually inspected the lines coming to the house. Like the phone lines which have a nice, taut section between our house and our Mulberry tree, with the remnants of the bracket that is supposed to hold them to the house about half-way along the taut section. And the cable which isn't in as bad shape, but is getting there. He's surprised we have any phone service (we don't; we use cells), and isn't surprised that with so much tension on the cable we are having problems with our cable modem.

He says the first thing that needs to be taken care of is trimming the tree so that the new cable can run freely from the pole to the house.

Let's just figure out how to shoehorn that into our budget....

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1. If the only phones you have are cell phones, it will take an emergency operator longer to figure out where to send the fire engine/ambulance/police car.

2. If you are renting, it's the landlord's responsibility to get the tree trimmed, not yours. (And something like simply trimming back a couple of overgrown branches may not be as expensive as you fear.)

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