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Wish list....
Where I want my excess income to go (excess income defined as income greater than is needed to pay for current expenses (i.e., food, gas, utilities (including ISP and telephone), etc).

First, the stuff that's necessary so people don't think I'm being irresponsible.... Not all of these are legally my responsibility, but I figure if I deal with them above some of the others, I'll have less trouble.
  • Existing, unpaid County and City property taxes
  • The various personal loans we've taken out to get the City and School taxes up to date.
  • Mortgage
  • "Previous Balances" on utilities
  • Consumer credit (aka Visa, store credit lines, vet bill credit lines, etc)
  • The loan for the late, beloved, but repossessed Silver Bug.
  • Defaulted Perkin's loan
  • ...And my Stafford Loan, preferably before it goes into default.
Next, the stuff that's important, but constitutes "new" stuff, unlike the above...
  • A new roof for the house
  • Car fixups (air filter, oil change, O2 sensor, insurance, registration, inspection, ...)
  • exterior painting on the house
  • concrete driveway
  • an electrician to fix the wiring in the house
...and then the stuff I'd really like, but can't realistically get until at least some of the above lists are taken care of....
  • GPS unit for my car, with maps
  • His-n-Hers laptops
  • iPhone (by the time I can afford one, there'll have been another price drop, and it might do double-duty as the GPS unit as well).
  • more bloody space!
  • wool combs (either English 5-row or Viking 2-row will do me fine).
  • spinning wheel
  • woodworking tools (decent planes, saws, chisels, etc.  I think I'm more of fan of Roy Underhill than Norm Abrams when it comes to tools).
Please feel free to suggest modifications.

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* an electrician to fix the wiring in the house

whats wrong with it? And can you do the roof yourself?

Shortly before I moved in here, the power went out in a few rooms upstairs and downstairs. From what I have come to understand, this happened in two stages, not all at once. I have tried to fix it myself, and have only been partially successful.

The success came when I traced down a short to a junction box in the basement that (a) didn't have a cable-clamp on one of the armored cables entering the box (or, for that matter, a bushing to protect the wires from the sharp edges of the cable), and (b) was literally hanging in the air, suspended by the three armored cables going into it. Needless to say, that connection is now in a new junction box, screwed firmly to the floor joist it was previously floating under, and all the cables are properly clamped. I didn't know about the little red bushings at the time. So the circuit to the downstairs bathroom works again.

The failure came in understanding the upstairs wiring. Portions of the upstairs work, but portions don't. Worse, I've examined the wiring from every available box and fixture that I can find, and I can't work out how the nonworking portion is even connected to the house wiring. I did find a very old fusebox in the bedroom closet which is still active (i.e., I take out a fuse, and the bedroom lights go out). Given that it has an exposed knife-switch for a main switch, I know it's very old.

I suppose I could do the roof myself, if (a) I could get the time and friends needed to help me, (b) I was willing to put up with the results of my skill level, and (c) I wasn't so afraid of walking on the roof (it's not the heights I'm afraid of, it's the fear of falling, there's a difference).

In theory, if we could work out the timing and all that, I could offer you some help with your wiring. I have the tools, an I'm good at it.

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