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Tales of MU -- a recommendation.
It was mentioned by an LJ friend, and I had to check it out...

Alexandra Erin is posting the equivalent of a daily web-comic in prose, or a daily-serialized novel, or however you want to call it, about an 18-year-old freshman at Magisterius University and her life and friends there. The subtitle appears to be "High fantasy, higher education". I've only read 14 of the chapters so far (there are over 52 published to date), but I've liked what I've read so far.

Tales of MU is well worth checking out.

Here's what the "about the story" page says about it:

This is a fiction series… or perhaps a serial novel… or perhaps a webcomic without any pictures… about Mackenzie Blaise, an eighteen year old freshman girl living in Harlowe Hall at Magisterius University. It’s partly a slice-of-life story, inspired by my own college experiences and those of people I’ve known, but Magisterius University is not exactly an ordinary school… and Harlowe Hall is not a normal dormitory… and Mackenzie Blaise is certainly not an average girl.

Revolving as it does around the lives of college students living outside home for the first time, be prepared for some rather blunt discussion of topics best suited for adults. In other words:
Ye’re Off The Edge Of The Map, Matey…

Here There Be Frank Sexual Themes

An’ Adult Situations

So if that sounds like your kind of thing, or possibly might be your king of thing, give it a try.

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I cannot stop reading! So well written!

For those who like fantasy sci-fi with a naughty bend, you might want to check out Elf Sternberg at http://www.pendorwright.com/

I loved "Aimee" and and still working through "The Journal Entries"

I've been reading Elf for well over a decade. He's good, and he has an LJ. Of course, on the LJ he writes about his life and kids, not erotica and sex all the time.

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