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Columbus Day Weekend.
For those who understand what this means, it looks like I'll be at the Ashokan Field Campus on Columbus Day Weekend for a private event. For those who don't know what that means.... well, it's a private event, and I'm not really supposed to spread the word.

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Great! See you in a couple of weeks!

Cool! Both of you? Or is Skitten staying home?

Yay!!! Have a great time!

Does that mean you wont be there?

Sadly, I haven't been there in, I dunno, maybe a decade.

I also have other commitments (the Juggler Meadow Harvest Ale in Western MA) that weekend.

Did you guys manage to get a scholarship or something?

I'd love to go, but given an incident that got me ejected from the mailing list for that group, it would likely be a bad idea. (I made the mistake of saying something that someone else had said and having an 'improper' (in someone else's opinion) signature file. It blew up into a rather impressive thing that led to me voluntarily removing myself before they could eject me.)

I like almost all the people who go to that, with two notable exceptions who shall remain nameless.

Given the other situation, monetarily, is this a good idea, though?

not really. I sent him an email....

Way to be cryptic. Ever think of making a friends filter for those on your LJ who are part of your little club and then just posting this sort of thing to them?

Also-Ashokan? As in New Paltz? You really should burn an effigy* for me or something, cause that was once very much MY town ;)

*just kidding about the effigy. I don't need any gods pissed at me.

Given that (a) I don't really do friends-only or otherwise filtered posts normally, and (b) at least one person who replied was not someone who I expected to know about the event, a public, but cryptic, posting seemed best.

And yes, Ashokan, the same place that the theme of the Ken Burn's Civil War documentary was written about.

I suppose I understand your logic, and I don't really care either way-it just seemed to me to be a sort of "if you're not part of the club ignore this elephant I just walked into the room" post, which often can end up in hurt feelings.

Ashokan's really beautiful. Have a good time!

(Deleted comment)
The internet provides only an illusion of privacy, based on numbers. It is reasonable to assume that anything you say, "private" or not, is going to be public some point. Or more accurately, the inverse is true: it is not reasonable to assume that anything you say "private" in the 'net will remain private indefinitely, especially if it is stored on a medium out of my control.

Rather than hide behind permeable barriers with a comfortable, but false, sense of security, I choose to live on the 'net with barriers intentionally but knowingly lowered, and willing to stand behind what I say.

Over 15 years ago, I first discovered Usenet, and posted quite a lot on it. A friend eventually emailed me about this new "deja news" service which allowed searching of Usenet archives -- he found 37 posts by me. I was surprised, not by the search service, but by the paucity of posts he found. When I searched, using better search terms, I found 187 for me. I also searched for him, and advised him that, perhaps, in the future she should refrain from admitting to the commission of felonies on public forums.

I've carried that attitude with me... What I say today is likely to be searchable tomorrow, so I should say only what I don't care is public knowledge.

I feel that if I have to say on a job interview "Yes, I said on my LJ in 2002 that I split from my male lover of 10 years, and yes itś true. What is the relevance of that to my employment?"I will do so. It hasn't come up yet.

bu? cryptic?

buddha- I sent an extremely urgent email to you that just might crimp your plans....please read it....

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