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Games night.
skitten and I have a deal: Every other Friday we go to the contra dance, and every other other Friday we go to the Cornell Game club and play games. This Friday was games night. I suppose it would be some content to talk about the games I played.

I got there relatively early and found the board gamers in one of the many overflow rooms. There were a lot of people at game club this week. To give you an idea, aside from the CCG players, there were apparently two Diplomacy games and a very full-up (and competative) Boggle game going on. We were still able to get 14 people involved in Are You A Werewolf?.

I brought Are You A Werewolf (as well as Iron Dragon, Australian Rails, Falling, Boggle, and Aquarius, but those didn't get played), and quickly found people who were willing to play it. Since it's a game that calls for a minimum of 7 players, it's not a game I've actually played before. I wasn't the only new player, but that just made it more fun. We ended up playing about 6-8 rounds of it, starting with 7 people and ending up with 14. For those who haven't played it, the basic game play is simple: One player is chosen as a "moderator", essentially a GM/ref for a round. All the other players are villagers living in a village. Two of the villagers (no one knows who, except each other) are "werewolves". Each night, while the village is asleep, the werewolves conspire to kill a villager. Each day, after the villagers find one of their number's ripped bloody corpse, discuss amongst themselves and lynch which of their number is the guilty party. Remember, the werewolves are mixed in with the villagers and no one has any objective evidence pointing to who is, and isn't a werewolf. The nighttime slayings and daytime lynchings continue until all the werewolves are dead, or the werewolves outnumber the non-werewolves. 'Tis a silly game, for sure, but it can be fun. I ended up being a werewolf more often than seems reasonable, so I was always trying to put the finger on other people (which, actually, I also did when I was a villager). After about 8 games the sheer number of people caused us to break off info other games.

I broke off with a group of about 7 that ended up playing two games of Chrononauts. The frist game was classic Chrononauts with some promo cards added. I got bad hands and didn't end up coming close to winning. The second game was Üaut;berchrononauts, which is played with both classic Chrononauts and Early American Chrononauts and a much harder to meet winning condition. It's a game designed to extend the fun of Chrononauts over a much longer time. I was actually in pretty good shape at the beginning of this game, since there was significant overlap between the various ways I could win, so some actions would help me in multiple ways. For instance, I had to match one of two ID's, one of which called for 1945 patched and the other called for 1942 patched. I had to match one of two missions, both of which could be partially satisfied with German Cake. So of course my first move is to shoot Hitler. Unfortunately, a good hand got ruined, and I had to leave because it was after 10 and skitten was tired.

Overall, a good games night.

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hey- Just because I was exhauisted doesn't mean I wanted to ruin a good hand- why didn't you offer me a chair & whisper "This one's good! can we stay a bit longer?" besides, the annoying mom was gone! ;)

but I was grateful for the quick offer to go home & crawl into bed... thanks honey :)

The good hand was uruined before you got there.

We played that at barbs once at the end of Beltaine...

I should have a witty sexualized comment but I dont....

I very much miss playing games - particularly RPGs.

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