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This could be bad....
Today we had someone come over and do a massive amount of cleaning in the kitchen and dining room (n.b., if you can get other people's kinks to be of benefit for you, go for it...our only payment for this kick-ass kitchen cleaning: letting him do it sans clothing). As a result, skitten discovered that our microwave has rust patches inside the box and the paint is pealing off. Because of the long-held admonitions about having metal in a microwave oven, she is convinced that the microwave is a safety hazard and shouldn't be used. Thus, we we went to Best Buy to get a new microwave. Nothing bad yet (unless you are talking budgetary issues....).

Getting the microwave into the house is a treat: Skitten doesn't have a had to spare, so she can't lend one even to open doors for me, and the microwave is fairly bulky and perhaps somewhat fragile. I had to prop open the rear doors and carry it up a short flight of stairs. Not difficult, just unwieldy.

Anyway the microwave is now set up, the time is set on it (and, unlike our previous 15yr old model, we can actually read the display), and it looks spiffy. We haven't cooked anything in it yet, and the instruction manual reads like it was written by a team of overzealous foreign lawyers who weren't too keen on English (in one delightful part, it says under "warnings" not to use an extension cord, but to get an electrician to move the outlet closer to the microwave AND in the same box, under "notes" it says that extension cords are available and what to look for in them). The box is even retasked to do something useful.

The bad part is in the next paragraph.

I was about to head to bed when I decided to get a selzer from the refrigerator. When I do so, I see, sitting at the bottom of the back stairs, next to the open back doors, one of our cats. He looks up at me, squawks as if to say "what took you so long?", and stands up and saunters up the stairs and into the kitchen.

Did you see the bad part? It went past quickly. Let's rewind --- bzrrzrrt -- next to the open back doors, one of our cats. --- bzrrzrrt --- next to the open back doors, one of our cats. --- bzrrzrrt --- next to the ope--- yes, yes, we get the picture.

At this point, I know where two of our cats are. Unfortunately, that leaves two unaccounted for. It is out of character for any of them to want to leave the house, but the simple fact that neither I nor skitten know where two of them are is disturbing.

Update (12:05am 12 August): Both cats were outside. When I saw one, I called her and she came and seemed quite happy to be back in the house. Then I saw the other sitting in the garage, and she didn't come when I called. When I went to get her, she went further into the garage, and I had to call, coax, and reassure her until I could get close enough to pick her up, whereupon she started to purr like crazy. In short, all four cats are in the house, safe and sound.

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>In short, all four cats are in the house, safe and sound.

Whew! Good!

luckily the one who is very good at hiding was the one that came in when called :)

Been there, done that ...

... hated it.

Luckily for us, the days (three, to be exact) that the cat in question was outdoors were all rainy, so he went and hid under a box in the side yard at that place. I got soaking wet, but I ended up reaching under his hiding place (which we found by watching him zip into it) and pulling him out like a kitten - by the scruff of the neck. He went limp like a kitten, and has spent the last several years being far more affectionate than he had been before.

I am very glad to hear that all four are back and doing well.

I enjoyed reading the rewinding bit ;)
fun reading that- btw: eva is going to try to telephone you at work...
she needs help in order to get a bank account at alternatives...
Also, don't allow me to give in to temptation & eat another icy at dinner ok? :)
*hug* *love*

Bu, I know you get an email when there is a comment and I'm not sure you notice my journal since you have so many. Please call me fairly soon. I need to talk to you.

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