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Things that make you go "Go, Dad, Go!"
A decade ago my father visited me while I was at UB. One of the sad things about the visit was how out of shape he was. My dorm was a quarter-mile from the main campus, but he felt it was necessary to drive the distance because he couldn't walk that far. He's had heart disease, bypass surgery, diabetes, and other chronic ailments.

I just got an email from him, asking for money for a charity event. It seems that in honor of his 65th birthday he will be running his first marathon, in support of military families (whom I consider to be one of the innocent victims of GWB's folly in Iraq).

I wish all the luck, and if folks wish to pledge in his support, the link he sent was https://www.sporg.com/registration?form_id=88464. I know I'll be doing so when I get some spare scratch.

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Your dad is 65?!?

Please send him my best and happy birthday.

He'll be 65 in October. I'll forward him your comments.

Thank you. I would love to hear from him....

Wow! That's amazing. Please send him my best -- I'd been wondering how he's doing lately.

That's wonderful! (I still have several pieces of jewelry I bought from him.)

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