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On Harry Potter, Book 7 (no spoilers)
The packaging from was interesting. The box we got was white, with red attention bars on all the edges saying "ATTENTION MUGGLES -- DO NOT DELIVER OR OPEN BEFORE JULY 21". The box was shipped by using UPS to the Post Office in Ithaca, and whence to here. So paid for both UPS shipping and for USPS delivery.

The box was exactly the size to hold two books (one for me, one for skitten). Since I didn't order one book or three, I wonder if they also had special boxes for each common shipment size. Did anyone else order from Amazon and can confirm if they had special boxed for a variety of order sizes?

The book itself is unusual for most books. Other than necessary information (title, author on front cover and spine, colophon and "Year 7" on spine, barcode/isbn on back cover, price and jacket credits on inside front flap), the only text on the dust jacket is "We now present the seventh and final installment in the epic tale of Harry Potter." I guess they didn't feel they needed any other explanatory text, or description of the plot, etc.

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Still rereading 6 so haven't opened the box yet - but no - this box can only hold one book. No WAY to fit 2 in/

I bought one copy, and the box was exactly the right size for it. It had the same Muggle delivery warning.

As a postal worker, I can tell you that they did in fact have specific boxes for specific numbers of books. I saw at least 4 different sizes.
As to the UPS and Post Office thing, there has been an arrangement between UPS and the USPS for a few years now to do just that: UPS drops stuff off at the small post offices and at our bulk mailing centers. We deliver from there. UPS charges extra to deliver to some out-of-the-way locations (post office does not), and in fact does not deliver at all to some places (post office does). Shipper pays UPS, UPS pays the Postal Service, customer gets package delivered to their door.
The Postal Service uses both FedEx and UPS planes to fly certain mail shipments, as well.

I was the anonymous comment. I don't know why it didn't log me in.

I've gotten a lot of Amazon deliveries, and yes, they have a variety of box sizes for all kinds of things!

Interesting about the dust jacket. Certainly anything else is unnecessary, but I wonder if it's a special DJ for the first release.

I'm going to wait, re-read everything, and then get the latest-- possibly from the library, which is where I got all the previous.

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