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(no subject)
Obviously Voldemort is destroyed by Harry Potter's long lost twin sister, Miriam Susan Potter.

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AAAAAAAAAUGH! You monster! And don't tell me about the midichlorians, I simply Do Not Want To Know.

Why "Miriam Susan"? (I don't get it)

Miriam is a form of the name Mary (in fact, the Holy Mother's name was Miriam, not Mary, in the original aramaic). Susan is a form of the name Sue. So the long lost twin sister is "Mary Sue".

do you want to go out to lunch or not.
Talk to me!
Preferably on iChat

/me thwaps blaisepascal with a large trout.


Damn you! Damn you!

You just ruined the entire series for me!! How could you!?!?!?

Wait. Ummmm. I'm not supposed to care.

Never mind. Nothing to see here. Please move along.

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